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Buying a car is one of life's biggest financial commitments, so with this in mind the AA Approved Dealer programme has been launched to help make it one you won't regret.

With the AA, gone are the days when you've handed over your well-earned money to a dealer only to drive off and find you've bought a real turkey! It may well have been polished to perfection, but is this telling the whole story about the car's condition? Buying your used car from an Approved Dealer means the vehicle has been rigorously checked by our inspectors. You also get to see the inspection report before you make your decision.

All Approved Dealers are also signed up to our Dealer Promise and are therefore committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service both before and after sale.

In the unlikely event that there is an issue after purchase, we'll even mediate between you and our Approved Dealer to get it resolved.

Car buying to suit you...

  • Worry-free car buying
  • Inspected vehicles
  • Trustworthy dealers
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